Question regarding the license


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The 140 dollar licence, is the entire forum licence only lasting 12 months? Or ONLY speicificly the tickets and support?

I mean, after i've paid that i dont need to renew after 12 months to kep the forum up running? right?

Liam W

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No, the license is perpetual. You need to renew to get access to versions released after the expiry, and ticket support.



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Also these upgrades were it says (Extention 15 dollar) behind the 50 dollar bar, does it mean its a discounted price once paid 140 dollars?


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Were its displayed as the headlines for add-ons, it says "
XenForo Media Gallery - $60 (extension $15)"

what exactly does the 15 dollar extention mean? will it extend the amouth of media gallery samples?


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That is the annual renewal cost, which is added to the $40 for the core software license renewal.