XF 1.5 Question on retrieving node permissions by user group instead of user id


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We're trying to retrieve node permissions by user group instead of user id. For now, we're looking specifically at user groups 1 (Unregistered) and 2 (Registered).

Based on reading the KB article and other posts here, it seems like we have to use the permission combinations to do that, but we're not 100% sure of the logic. Our understanding of permission combinations is that they're a way to find permissions for a user who is in all of the groups in user_group_list.

Currently we have something like this:

For the user group, fetch the permission combination where user_id = 0 and user_group_list = "<1|2>".

XenForo_Node_Model->getNodePermissionsForPermissionCombination(<combination ID>)

  • Can we assume there will be exactly 1 row in xf_permission_combinations where user_id = 0 AND user_group_list = "<1|2>"?
  • How would we fetch the correct permission combination for other user groups, where it appears that there is no row for that group in user_group_list by itself?
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This isn't a valid approach to resolving the effective XF permissions as, XF permissions are a combination of every group by user and by groups from the content (ie node) and then per-user permissions from content.

You would end up needing to get multiple rows from xf_permission_entry_content and xf_permission_entry tables, and manually combine them.

Generally, you need to fetch the permission_combination_id for a user and pass that down.


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So to confirm:

There's no way to get permissions at the group level even if there is a permission_combination with user_id=0 and user_group_list="<user_group_id>"?

i.e., the only way would be to find a user who is in *only* the group in question and get their permissions?