Question I guess for Ashley, customer group - should we make separate purchases for each Admin?


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We are planning on buying a few licences but would like two or three of our Admins in the Customer group post purchase. Should we buy licences separately using each Admin's login or can we make a single purchase of multiple licences and nominate the licence holders?

Hopefully that makes sense.


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I hope there is something similar to the priority support that was on vBulletin; I have at least two people who are likely to need access for my project.


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I'm with ServInt hosting now and they have something called 'trusted' and 'portal' contacts which you can add via their control panel. One group has full access including permission to contact support and do purchases and the other one is a view only group. View only group can be used to allow potential second hand license buyers to verify our licenses. Imo xF should support both these groups. :)


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Sorry not a vBulletin user so no idea what the "priority support" feature is, but sounds about right I think.
You're able to specify emails so that their account will have access to view modifications and such, and download them as if they were a license holder.
Buy each individual license under a different account if it's different people. If you do it all under one account its 5 X 1 = 5 Priority User Slots. If you do it under each account for each admin then each admin has the option to add 5 users to their list 3 X 5 = 15 Priority Slots