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Hey all :)

I currently have a forum with 3000 threads which are categorized as "discussions", I would like to switch this forum to "Question" forum mode.

The problem is that if I select in the options of the forum "question", the "Discussion" mode remains checked by default, and when a discussion is created, the Question mode is not by default, but simply proposed.



Is it possible to make the forum be in "question forum" mode by default?

If not, should we create a "question forum", then move all the discussions in the old forum to this one, so that the new discussions are in "Question forum" mode by default?
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Contact @TickTackk. He is the go to man for custom addons and he's fast and reasonable priced. I recommend him highly.

We had the same issue and got TickTackk to create a custom addon that changes the order of the tabs as well, so that the Question tab shows first.
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