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Is it possible to run one copy locally with xampp to play around while one copy is running on a server for the public?

And which wiki system would you recommend to use in combination with xenforo? I really would like a wiki with some good wysiwyg editing. But i guess there is no possbility to integrate wysiwyg editor from xenforo in a wiki system so that both use the same?

And another Question: if i want to upgrade the forum in 5 years, is it enough to buy the 40 $ 12 month support or do i have to repurchase the whole licence?

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There's a bridge for MediaWiki (third party) and an integration by the developers of VaultWiki for VaultWiki which is brand new and only been available for a few days.

It will all depend on what your favourite Wiki platform is :)


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No. You receive 1 year of support + updates. Once your year is up, you have access to the latest version released and everything before that at that moment. You can continue to use that version. However, I believe you don't receive ticket support either.

Paying $40 past that first year gives you updates + support.


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Bank transfers are accepted.

Send a message using the Contact Us form.

Thanks for the quick repyl. I'll get the access when the money has arrived at your bank account and not before right?

One last question I forgot to ask: I am currently using smf as software and a plugin to make seo friendly urls. (which quite differs from the one from vbseo in its structure); so my question: is there a possibility (beside manual redirect via htaccess) to obtain the old url structure?

Here an example url:

Edit: The smf plugin is called "pretty urls"

Edit: if there is no possibility what would be an efficent way to redirect all my urls? Because this a major issue for me because i get pretty heavy traffic from search engines and it will take months to rank new urls...