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Question about Wordpress and Xenforo

I want to change my personal blog to a forum, but before I buy I want to make sure I can redirect the wordpress links to identical forum topics. That way I dont lose my google indexed pages?



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Redirection is possible via a .htaccess redirect file is in place. Depending on the method of transport or complexities, your redirect script could be complicated.


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Unless he installs XenForo in the same directory and creates a complete route, controller, etc., no. Even then, its not the intention of the route changer. Moving content like this should have a 301 Permanently Moved redirect to have Google and other search engines properly index them.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
What import process are you using?

Wordpress URLs usually use slugs instead of id numbers, so chances are that you will need to setup individual rewriterules to redirect individual URLs unless you maintain your own map and create a redirect script.

Yes it is possible.
I will buy my license on the next days, someone can help me to do this redirect?

I mean just give some exemples on how to do it.

Thanks again