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XF 1.2 Question about user upgrades when the price increases

How does Xenforo handle price increases for user upgrades? Specifically, users that have upgraded at, say $20/mo, and then the user upgrade is changed to $30/mo? Does PayPal renew at the old price? Or the new price?

To give you an example (if the above isn't clear.)

User X buys User Upgrade #1 at $20/mo on Jan 1st.
On Jan 5th, the admin raises the price of User Upgrade #1 to $30/mo.

When PayPal auto renews the upgrade, will it charge the old price of $20? Or the new at $30?

I'd like to raise the prices of my user upgrades but I'm not sure how the system will treat the renewals.

Any insight would be helpful so I can adequately inform the membership.

(EDIT: My install is XF 1.2 - if a mod could change the tag, thanks!)


Well-known member
PayPal will continue to renew at the old price. Users would have to cancel and reactivate their memberships to begin paying the new prices.