XF 1.4 Question about the alert "X also commented on Y's profile post"


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Today I got the following alert:


After clicking on "Daniel Hood's profile post" I'm shown this:


And as you can notice, I can't see the comment by Russ. I need to click on "View previous comments..." in order to see it.

Since I clicked to see the profile post comment that Russ leave on the profile post... shouldn't the system automatically expand the previous comments and show me directly Russ's comment?



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That has nothing to do with it, as he could still view the profile post at the time. He's saying, if the alert isn't connected to one of the last 3 comments, you have to click view previous comments to view the comment.
Got it. I misread his comment. I thought he was saying it wasn't showing when he clicked the view previous link.

Chris D

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Yeah it is as designed. We only show the most recent 3 comments (these are cached for performance reasons). If you receive an alert on something that isn't one of those 3 then you will have to click "View previous comments" to see it.