question about extensions

Brad Padgett

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If I update and renew my license does it renew the license or just extend a year to where you last left off?

I had thought the license would renew for 1 year of updates but since it says "extension" and not "renewal" that leaves me a bit confused so I'm questioning exactly which one it is. That would then lead me to have to buy a second one which I can't currently afford since my last license update was may of last year.

Let me know as I don't plan on hosting it on any sites anyway but simply wanted to develop add-ons again and wanted to make sure they could be updated properly. I gave away one of my add-ons already since my license expired. I know you guys have said no to a ton of developer license requests but in my opinion that would be a good idea to at least give thought to eventually. Possibly there could be some extra code in the installation to keep it from being used on a live site.

Anyway let me know the answer to my question.
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