Question about Album Thumbnail Limit


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It looks like here at XenForo you guys have defined the value of "Album Thumbnail Limit" to 1. On my XFMG installation the default was (and still is) 5. For a busy site with lots of albums and pictures inside, reducing the value from 5 to 1 will drastically reduce the disk space usage? If so, what do I need to do after lowering the value from 5 to 1 in order to recover the space?


Chris D

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The album thumbnail limit here is 5.

The album thumbnail limit doesn't use any additional space.

If you hover over some of these albums you will notice that the thumbnail changes after a moment and then cycles through 5 thumbnails. That's what the limit is. It's the number of thumbnails that can be displayed per album on hover.

It won't save any disk space, because these thumbnails already exist for the media item. Besides, a 300px x 300px image doesn't use a lot of disk space.