Not a bug query_shard_exception

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I am getting a lot of search errors. I can replicate it by using certain search queries.

For some reason I cannot paste into the XF2 editor as it keeps pasting the previous copied text. So I have attached the error in a txt file.

I am using XFES as well as @Xon 's search enhancements.



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Can you reproduce this without Xon's add-on? This add-on totally changes what is passed to Elasticsearch.

The search was originally for "Default/therapy" based on the request. However, it looks like this was effectively turned into "Default Suboxone/subutex therapy" somewhere along the line, before it was actually passed into the underlying search system at all.


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This does not occur with Enhanced Search Improvements turned off.

Actually I edited the search phrase. The original search phrase was "Default Suboxone/subutex therapy". The search phrase was passed correctly.