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I can see in the PWA Setup -
Your board meets the requirements to be an installable progressive web app.

Is there anything else I need to do as I cannot see the option to install to my desktop (using chrome)


Hi brogan, last night I was able to download it as an app on one of my laptops. Then today I went on my work laptop and option is missing - so I looked at the manifest as mentioned above and see below - is this why?



thanks -must just be my browser then :-(

when I opened it in different browser I had the install option......

Does this install on mobiles in same way? thanks for all of your help @Brogan


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It can take up to 24 hours to show in each device/browser.

For mobile devices look for the link at the bottom of the side nav menu.



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Just annother heads up
A member may need to have a very good internet connection to be able to install the app

Eg I was on mobile data and tried to install the app the times and nothing happened (aside from a message that it was still installing the previous app)
Then when I turned off my mobile data, and used my home wi-fi, the PWA came up on my phone 3 times!