XF 2.2 Put user in usergroup for certain period of time

Black Tiger

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This seems not possible with promotions.
But sometimes I would like to put certain users in a secondary usergroup for a certain amount of time (days or months for example) and that he gets automatically removed from that usergroup after that period of time.

Can this be done? If yes, how?

Black Tiger

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I had no time to look at it yet. I don't mind searching for the user and manually adding them to the secondary usergroup like Donators.
But it would be nice if they would get automatically out of this secondary usergroup after x time.


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Thanks! I overlooked that, and knew I had seen it.

This can work for you @Black Tiger. Create your group called Donators. Create an upgrade to it for 1 year (or whatever). Enter the cost, but remove it from being purchased so no one will see the cost, and manually upgrade.