Put small space between end-of-post and signature separator


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That said, I don't think the primary issue is the margin but rather the faintness of the dashed border. I think a re-visit whether it's a colour change or solidified should be considered. :)


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I don't like wasted vertical space.
For the same reason I will be moving the "Post New Thread" button back to the breadcrumb row to recover the space which has been introduced by moving it below the forum title.
I understand your point about the [Post New Thread]-button (and I agree with you on that), but the argument of wasted vertical space doesn't stand so much when you look at the posting-content. Why? Because white-space is actually essential when it comes to a comfortable, easy reading experience in general. It is the key supporting part for the text. So I would call it far from wasted space and in this case with the signature line some more white space would actually be the opposite of waste: it is obviously a benefit.