Put a 'Purchase' Link In Navbar


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I would like to give one suggestion which I believe will help xenforo customers and increase sales of xenforo as well.

Put up a "Purchase" link in the navabar of http://xenforo.com/community which will take customers to the http://xenforo.com/purchase/ page. This is because a lot of people will come directly to the forums and will find it difficult to search for the buy link. vB too put up such a link on their forums and I think it helped them a lot.



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Nah. I don't think this is necessary. Vbulletin is doing this with their forum - It looks desperate to me.

#1 Don't: Come off as desperate for cash on a website. It drives away sales more than you think you're trying to lure in customers.

Customers want to CHOOSE to do this and that. Not being interrupted by this and that, that's why the Ads industry is declining, because things aren't discreet.