XF 2.2 Push Notifications


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It can't get Push Notifications to work on 2.2 Beta 2 on my site but they work perfectly in 1.5.10 on another site (not on my server).

I have enabled push notifications, set User Group Permissions and have confirmed all php extensions present. This is an SSL site on php 7.4.8 and I have decent server admin skills and experience with php software so I've checked and rechecked all the obvious.

I'm trying to use this on Safari, Brave and Opera browsers in MacOS.

In Safari and Brave, when under user preferences, I choose Enable Push Notifications, the button greys out and gives me the message Push Notifications Not Supported. In Opera, I am able to enable push notifications, but I don't get the notification!

I'm baffled.


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I think you're right. It also seems that Google, et al are waging war on browser push notifications.

Does the fact that the old 1.5.10 site is pushing notifications to me just fine mean anything to you, @Brogan ?


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Oh hang on.

Do you have an add-on in 1.5 for push?

Are you on iOS?
You must have been typing that almost exactly the same time as I was thinking it.

Yes, I'm no longer admin on that site but we did use some sort of custom code or addon.

Have not tested in iOS, only MacOS. No browser extensions.


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Apple hasn't implemented push support which is why it doesn't work in XF natively.

There was an add-on for XF1 which used different functionality.