XF 2.2 Push Notifications won´t work


I'm getting desperate. I've been trying to get push notifications working again for months. They worked for a long time. Then suddenly not anymore. I didn't pay any attention to it for a while, but now I'd like to use it again.
I did what I felt was necessary for them to go. But they don't.
I activated it in the settings, I activated it in the user groups and also in the profile. Furthermore, the server settings are all given.
What the heck can be another reason that the notifications are not working?
Tested on 2 PCs and an Android phone.
XF v2.2.12




Good morning I could use some more help here. So far I have not been able to localize the error.

Maybe this is a way, but i dont understand it: ModSecurity rule 33340162

Is there by any chance a php script out there that I can use to check basic gmp support or even all push notification requirements against the server?
Do you have access to the mod security logs that show the triggering event? It should show exactly what rules is triggering it. If not, your hosting provider should be able to check them. If they cannot exclude that rule for your site, then I'd suggest looking for a new hosting provider.
Currently I only had the "note" that is displayed in the backend when I want to activate the notifications. These extensions "gmp, mbstring and openssl" are actually in the sovereignty of the provider. Since Checkdomain is one of the largest hosters in the German-speaking area, I assume that their support can help me. I wrote to them earlier and described my problem. As mentioned at the beginning, it worked when I installed xenForo at the time. Let's see what the support says.
I know Hetzner is fairly well respected internationally (it's who I use on a Virginia based VPS). Sometimes it's simpler to look for a new hosting provider if your current one cannot provide resolution to an issue. Just because they are "popular" or the "largest" does not equate to quality.
I simply point you to GoDaddy and HostGator to prove that point.
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