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The responsive design already makes XenForo great on mobile devices. We almost do not need an app. But one thing is missing: Instant PUSH notifications.

If XenForo would have PUSH notifications then users could be notified of new alerts , events on their mobile device, in their browser, etc. This keeps users up to date and pulls off site users back onto the website.

Possibly with the addition of mini-apps.
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Indeed. I'd even be happy if they added any push notification support to iOS. Safari on macOS does have a proprietary notification system. I'd hate it, but even if they supported that on iOS it'd be something. But, clearly, the best solution would be if Apple followed in the footsteps of (and this is embarrassing, frankly) Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera and implemented it in the same way, so we could almost automatically support it going forward.