Purchasing Xenforo and other pre-sales question

Hello, I'm a user on several XenForo forums and have absolutely loved the software and all it's features. I'm now looking at starting my own forum and I honestly feel that no other software even competes with Xenforo so I haven't even considered using any other software although I do have a few questions I would love to have answered before I do make the purchase.

1. What happens with a host, do I have to get host before I purchase the forum and how do I link the host and the website, I will use xfhost.net as my host.

2. Do I need to buy the domain first or can I buy the domain through Xenforo?

3. What is the "Installation Service", do they help you install all the future updates?




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1. Yes you need hosting and a domain. You can do it in any order, the domain URL can be entered in your license area.

2. XenForo doesn't sell hosting or domains, as above, you can buy the domain whenever you like.

3. Installation is a one off service. If you wanted future services such as an upgrade, that would be an additional charge.

See the FAQs in my signature for some other questions you may have.
Thanks for your quick response, mate.

Just on the third point, that Installation Service is to help you install the forum? If it is to help you install the forum what parts of it do they help you with?


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The service is just to install the forum software.
You will need to arrange your own domain and hosting and also create the necessary database.

Don't worry though, there are plenty of people willing and able to help, should you need it.