Purchase XenForo and upgrade forum from VBB 3.8.4



I'm interested in purchasing XenForo and upgrading our forum that runs up to now on VBB 3.8.4. I'd like to know that the product will include the UTF-8 conversion? We are Vietnamese ans use UTF-8 characters, but VBB is not very well compatible so that it does not work fine with some other portal applications such as Joomla...

And another question about social media integration: Does the XenForo licence include Facebook intergration module or I have to buy it separately?

Thank you by advance.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Yes we attempt to convert whatever character set is currently in use to UTF-8, XenForo only supports UTF-8 by default.

The ability to log in and register with a Facebook account (and Google and Twitter) is built in. There are add-ons that add additional login providers too.


Thank you for your immediate answer.

Just one more precision about what I mean by saying "VBB is not very well compatible with UTF-8": in fact, it supports also Unicode, but several fields (especially the thread titles) in its database use the collation latin1_swedish_ci, so these information is not correctly showed by other applications using utf8_unicode_ci collation for the same field.

While converting form VBB 3.8.4 to XenForo, does the process automatically convert also the fields under latin1_swedish_ci to utf8_unicode_ci?