XF 2.2 Pulldown menu for addon administration does not open


With one of our plugins it is not possible to open the pulldown menu for administation.

When clicking on the gearwheel in the addons overview a pulldown should open with links to settings, deinstall, reinstall, deactivate, etc. With all other plugins this works except for one plugin. The pulldown is endless loading.


How can i solve this? How can i reset or deinstall a plugin without this context menu?

XenForo v2.2.3PL1

Thank you for help.
You will need to post in the resource thread for help with that.

We have no access to the add-on code to determine the issue.
Since two weeks i'm not getting any reply from the programmer of the affected addon. So this is a general question. How do i uninstall or get rid of an addon if it behaves like that and the uninstall function is not available?
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