Publishing new posts in the forum to Facebook-Site ?


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does XenForo offer the possibility to publish new threads/posts/comments to the Facebook-Account of

a) the specific user who registered
b) a given facebook-site (owned by the forum's administrator) ??

I currently have a Facebook-Page with about 40k user and I would like to integrate the forum much more. I would like that the users will participate more in the forum and publish their own contents then.

However if one of the admins will publish a new thread, then this new thread should be announces on our FB-Site.

Is that possible ?



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:eek: ooh damn... I didnt want to use my old VB-licence, i think their software can similiar do like this.. however I like XF much more than VB


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you could always use a facebook app that reads RSS feeds from a particular forum and post it automatically to your facebook page/profile :)


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We use a combination of ragtek's Global Feed and TwitterFeed to accomplish this.
TwitterFeed is an unbelievable web app. Using that and the global feed you can make your facebook and twitter posts with ease. I use the same thing for our front page posts on WordPress.