RM 2.2 Publishing a resource from a parent category

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Greetings all.

Is it possible for resources from a subcategory to be published on behalf of the parent category rather than its subcategory? The goal is that any resources uploaded to a subcategory of a parent category will only output on behalf of the parent category, not the category they are uploaded to.

The example below shows where want to replace the specified subcategory with the parent category:
Screen Shot 12-11-22 at 01.03 AM.PNG

Any options for a solution?
That would require custom development.
Apparently no one is confused by this display of categories, it's a pity it's not accounted for, like on the IPS.

Is it possible to replace the name of a subcategory with the name of its parent category without changing the URL through the template modifier? I don't want the resource from the subcategory to link to the URL of the parent category. The URL should remain unchanged, and only need to change the name to the parent. As I understand for this you need to create a plugin?

Can you tell me which code in the template outputs the parent category? Maybe I'll try through template modifier to output parent category name without url-address.
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Please, tell me, is it possible to display a complete list of resource categories? On the principle of breadcrumbs in the resource mapping.

The goal is to replace the display of the resource in the posted category so that it displays not its category, but the full path to the posted resource, from parent to child, where it can be posted. I need to figure out how to display this complete list itself.

For example:
-Category (Parent).
--Category 1.1 (Child).

Screen Shot 12-13-22 at 11.13 AM.PNG
So that when you publish a resource, the output of the full list on the principle of Category 1 - Category 1.1. By default the output is strictly the category where the resource is posted, it is interesting to consider changing the output.

So far, only found in the template xfrm_resource_list_macros which deals with the issue of output category, but there is a question, whether you can display a complete list...
                    <ul class="structItem-parts">
                        <li><xf:username user="$resource.User" defaultname="{$resource.username}" /></li>
                        <li class="structItem-startDate"><a href="{{ link('resources', $resource) }}" rel="nofollow"><xf:date time="{$resource.resource_date}" /></a></li>
                        <xf:if is="!$category OR $category.hasChildren()">
                            <li><a href="{{ link('resources/categories', $resource.Category) }}">{$resource.Category.title}</a></li>
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