MG 1.1 public_html/data/xengallery - mounting on different disk or using S3


I've just installed Xenforo on an SSD VPS - and it looks like the host may only offer additional SSD space on the server, no regular HDD space.

I'm migrating an existing forum, and with thousands of active members uploading images, I could easily need 50GB or more of drive just to hold uploaded images from the Media Gallery. I've asked my host whether mounting cheaper HDD is an option, leaving Apache/MySQL to run on the SSD, and the images to sit on HDD.

Is using S3 an option for Media Gallery? I could not see any options in the admin console to utilise external storage.

Or is this something I just dust off my Linux admin skills to do, mount an S3 bucket as public_html/data/xengallery? (actually I'm not sure if you can mount S3 on a non-AWS server).