Lack of interest Public side Attachment Browser


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Hi All,

We have been looking for a gallery solution for Xen, but having seen the Attachment Browser in ACP it has occured that this would be an ideal solution for us to have a user side equivalent. The idea would be that the users could click on a page to view all recent picture attachments, and click them to go through to the source thread.

Is there an add-on that currently does this?

Many thanks in advance for your replies. :)


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Ahh sorry Brogan - saw it more as a small tweak that could be a useful feature for all - but add on might be the way to go :)


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No, that's fine.

I think a suggestion for this has already been made, which is why I was checking.
I'll see if I can find the thread.


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Thanks Brogan - much appreciated. I have previously asked if it was a possible Xenporta add on?


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Thanks Brogan! Very much appreciated!

Have sent a message to the developer to see if we could get the add on expanded - seems there is a definite need for a public attachment/image viewer. Would be a fantastic and user friendly way to get gallery integration into Xen without the need for separate storage/add on etc as you get the images posted automatically when adding them to a thread. One of the big pitfalls with our previous (non Xen) system was that people were posting and commenting on images outside of the thread structure.

Appreciate your assistance sir - and definitely think it would make a very cool 'switch on' feature in Xen to service the many photography/iphoneography/art forums that utilise Xen for its beautiful looks and clean themes.


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We will release our full featured Attachment Manager addon within the next weeks.

It allows your users to browse and delete their attachments (all controlled by a user group setting) and also to easily reuse them for additional posts/messages via a button in message editor that pops up an attachment selector.