XF 1.5 Proxy Image issue

Hey all.

I recently added SSL to my forum. I've enabled the Proxy Image option, noticed it's just giving me broken image links for images that I've inserted into a thread via the insert image option or images thats been uploaded as an attachment. Max cache size and refresh are both set to 0, and lifetime is also 0. When running an image through the test image proxy it'll say the image was fetched successfully (such as http://r.ddmcdn.com/s_f/o_1/cx_633/...014/11/too-cute-doggone-it-video-playlist.jpg). If I insert that image into a post, it'll just return a broken image link though, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong here. Permissions for the internal_data folder are set to 0755 if it matters.

Forum is on 1.5.12.


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Looking at your site, proxy.php is returning a 403 from Apache. The request isn't even reaching XenForo. You may need to work with your host to determine why that is happening.
Ah, thanks for checking that Mike. I'll definitely get in contact with them. Thanks!

edit: @Mike, do you possibly have an idea what it may be at all, or what could it be narrowed down to? HostGator's support doesn't seem to know where to begin to address this.
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I'd guess it's some sort of mod_security rule that's triggering a false positive. This would normally be logged.
I'm having the exact same problem with my forum. Did you ever get this resolved?
Yeah, I had to go through a few people in HostGator's support before I got someone who finally decided to look into the problem I was having with it. I didn't write down any details, just something going on with proxy.php and a mod_sec rule. If whomever you host with actually looks into it, they should find it and whitelist whatever rule it was.