Implemented Provide error-messages in an overlay window


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Seeing the overlay-mania on XenForo coming to full force :), I would like to request to make even more use of this technology.

One of the (very, very) few things I don't quite like in XenForo in it's current state is this:

When I start a new conversation (in this case with my inner self) ....

start a new conversation.png

... and press [Start a Conversation]... XenForo presents me with a new browser screen and shows me this:

error message in new dedicated screen.png

This little error message in a completely new screen takes my focus off my context and not only that... I need to press the browser's [Back]-button to return to where I was. Especially the latter I experience as rather user unfriendly. So why not display this tiny little error message inside an overlay?

(edit) : In fact, I remember XenForo already does display error messages inside an overlay in other areas, so why not here as well?