XF 1.3 Proper way to run/log multiple importers


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The migration I'm working on at the moment (still in development) requires multiple importers to be run due to all the different types of content we have in vB 3.8. I'm not completely clear on how to log the imported data correctly. Should I be using one log file to save all the imported data to? Or different logs for different imports. For instance, I currently have 3 log files in the db, one for the main import and two for gallery imports. Should that not be the case? I read through the importing tutorials and couldn't find how I should be doing this (or maybe I just missed it).

If anyone has any advice on how to do this the right way, I'd appreciate it.

Chris D

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It's probably safest to have a separate import log per application, so having one for forum, another one for gallery, etc. sounds correct.

It should be fine either way, but where it might cause a problem is, for some odd reason, if there were any duplication in content type names. This shouldn't ever be the case, but with separate logs it can't ever be a problem.