Promotion expiry countdown


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I do not know where to start but we would like to make user promotion time-based where a promoted user has to do some forum activity to maintain his/er promotion status. For example, user x is promoted to Think Tank usergroup. For that user to maintain current position, a post/thread is to be made every day. User will have 1 months for example to fulfill this criteria otherwise things would start to accumulate, not posting = losing one day, posting twice = compensate for the day lost, and a countdown progress bar is displayed on their profile.

1 month not posting > gets demoted automatically
1 post a day since the beginning of the countdown = countdown stuck at 30 days.

I hope you all get this but I have not seen any addon of that sort so if you can help me out here or perhaps someone offers to do this at a reasonable price.

Thanks all.


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A user have a promotion and is assigned in one group how i can do a criteria to delete him from that group assigned.