XF 2 Promote blogpost to article


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Promote blog posts in articles. This can be done manually or automatically.
I will explain myself better.
I as superadmin (or the group of users designated by the permissions) can decide to promote a single blogpost by making it an article, deciding in which category of the articles to make it go. I decide to do this with a button (visible only to me and to those who have permissions) that by clicking on it makes me see the list of all the categories and I choose one or more categories where I make it go.
A thing like this was in vBulletin, if you remember.
Or the whole thing can happen automatically, that is all the blogposts of one (or more blogs) can be automatically transported, same title, same full text, same image, same tags, and, in order to avoid confusion, same comment and same reactions, in article category that this time instead I decide by admin.