XF 1.5 Programming a post


I wonder if is possible to program a post to be published in certain data, like we can do in facebook pages.

My community has a xen forum and a facebook page so would be very useful to program a post the same day that I program the facebook post sending facebook people to that post. For that, would be very useful also to know the post's link address just you have programmed it to insert it in the programmed facebook message.

Thanks a lot!


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I would prefer to have it as standard. I think is better because if you install an update you can have problems, don't you?

In the other hand, who can develop that? Any idea?

Xenforo does not have anything like this built in. You can request it, but I doubt that it will be added. If the add on is coded proeprly, then I do not see why you will have problems when you install an update.

I do not know who can develop it, but you can request it in the Request forum, and you will hear from those interested in picking up this project.