Lack of interest Profile tab dropdowns


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When you add a few addons then profiles start to look pretty crowded quickly. Most addons ad a new tab to profiles. Addon developers do not have much choice on where to add information to profiles.
XenForo has 5 profile tabs (including resources) by default. If more than 2 extra tabs are added then tabs will break into multiple rows which doesn't look good.
Once I am ready with porting my addons, I will have 3 rows of tabs.

This could be solved by adding drop-down functionality to profile tabs. This way a lot more information could be added to profiles.

For example: Most profile tabs that addons add are for postings through the addon. Like gallery or resource postings. Such content would fit well under the 'postings' tab if that tab could have a drop down function added to it.
Similarly, if a dropdown could be added to the information tab, then addon developers could add plenty of goodies here as well.

Chris D

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Someone recently made a good point.

I don't think it's necessarily a problem having lots of tabs. The problem is the layout of them when they begin stacking.

Resources, Media and Blog Entries should actually be on the top. That would then remove the odd looking gap on the bottom row of tabs and look more consistent with what you would see in various applications including Windows.