Add-on Product Key word detect and text underline (make link) Add-on


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Locate 'product' keywords from a product database within forum posts
underline / make links to "product pages"


I like to use my Nikon microthang when I go out to concerts because it fits in my pocket. If I am at home I like to use my Hasselblad rich b**sard camera because its expencive and makes my poor friends cry.

- So in the above example Nikon BS2000 would link off to a Nikon microthang product page and Hasselblad rich b**sard would link off to its own 'product page'.

As I understand it some Wiki software can do this - is there one for Xenforo?

Or something that can do this job?

Thanks in advance

Chris D

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You'll probably want to check out one of the services out there that do this kind of thing such as Viglinks and Skimlinks.

You just sign up and add the HTML to your template and words will be converted to affiliate links you can earn money from.