Process of forking an "abandoned" resource?


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I've been working on getting a new unofficial release of Steam Authentication & Integration fully working. Morgan has been MIA for a while and I was wondering what steps I should take to start my build up as a new resource so I can better communicate with people who use it.

I didn't want to up and create a new resource without confirming what the best practice would be here. I also don't want to step on anybodies toes. Morgan put a lot of work into the add-on and I just came around and hit it with a hammer a few times to get it working in his absence. :p

Any ideas or suggestions? Should I continue posting my unofficial builds in the current resource discussion until his possible return? Or, do I go and create a new resource once the kinks are worked out?
Forked it awhile back and will push out 1.0.8 to it. Will maintain the license and credit Morgan where credit is due (as well as anybody else who tweaks it). Thanks for the response Chris, will get a new resource started soon.
If it was released as "open source" and I see that it was... I don't see a problem, but give credit where it is due.

On the other concept though.... If it wasn't released as "open source" .... Nothing should stop you from making your own alternative. Who says you can't have 2 or more add-ons which do the same thing, but maybe in a different way.

Look forward to your release :)
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