XF 2.2 Problems with PayPal payment, pending approval!


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We have a problem with payment pending approval for user upgrades.

Today we got 2 rejections, means we didn't get our money after the member has had access for at least 3 weeks :(

Isn't it possible to put the user upgrade on hold until the status code is payment confirmed and credited to the paypal account?

With bitcoin payments it works that way without problems.


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XF only reacts to the notification from PayPal that the payment has actually been received. If it goes straight into a pending approval state, the upgrade won't be granted.

It sounds more likely there was some sort of dispute or retroactive action and that is essentially something you have to accept might happen.


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okay, it does not comes to an surprise to me that PayPal has some technical issues again. We most often manual review transactions when they come in and usually such transactions get cleared, but this times 2 didn't.

If there is nothing technical to do about it then we simply just cancel such transactions in the future, it only happens 1 - 3 times a month.