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XF 1.3 Problems with member statistics


I did re-install my XenForo forum because the bug with the Database. I did remove my DB and did rename it to xForo. After installation there is a bug with members.

There are now 3 registered players:

But the homepage says:

And the member pages say this:

Why it says one member? We dont have confirmation mail. Website: Goldguardmc.net/Forum



XenForo developer
Staff member
Are the users all "valid"? (You can see this if you go to edit them.) Non valid/banned users don't count.

The member totals are also cached for a period as well. It should update over time if that's the cause.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Can you screenshot the user state for all 3 users?

Please also disable all add-ons, run the "Rebuild Board Totals Counter" option and reconfirm the issue.