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XF 1.2 Problem with YouTube embeds

I have a test installion migrated from vbulletin 4. Youtuble links like
do not show embedded. If I edit the message, changing nothing, the embed shows up. And when I post a new message the embed shows.

And if I change in options to "Do not auto-embed media links", it affects only new messages. Then I change back to "Auto-embed media links", but the link I just wrote does not change to the player.


XenForo developer
Staff member
The auto-embedding is done only at post time. Changing the option does not change anything retroactively. So really, the behavior you're seeing is expected.


Well-known member
I think the auto-embed media links option will only function for new posts - the contents of a post need to be parsed for it to spot the YouTube URL and change it to the embedded media player.

Therefore I think for older posts you'll have to use to Post Content Find / Replace add-on to find all previous YouTube links and surround them in [media=youtube] [/media] tags for them to display the embedded player.

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