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XF 1.4 Problem with "SignupButton" on thread pages


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Hello, I added sidebar to thread_view template (https://xenforo.com/community/threads/how-to-add-a-sidebar-to-any-forum-page.7860/) but if user is not registered signup button is hidden (after loading the page).

E.g.: https://forum.gsmx.pl/tematy/zalecane-hostingi-obrazkow-i-zdjec.61312/#post-272727

Could you tell me why this button is hidden and how I can disable hiding it? :)


Ok, I found this code in quick-reply.js:

! function(e, o, a) {
    e(o).on("ready QuickReplyComplete XFOverlay XFAjaxSuccess", function(o) {
        if (!a.visitor.user_id) {
            var r = e('.thread_view label[for="LoginControl"]');
            r.length && r.xfHide();
            var i = e("#QuickReply"),
                n = i.find(".bdSocialShare_Facebook"),
                d = i.find(".bdSocialShare_Twitter");
            n.length && n.xfHide(), d.length && d.xfHide();
            var l = e(".QRG_Overlay"),
                t = o.ajaxData || {};
            if (t.error && t.error == a.phrases.error_captcha) f();
            else if (l.length) {
                var c = l.find("input[type=reset]");
                c.on("click", function() {
            var f = function() {
                window.ReCaptcha && window.Recaptcha.reload(), window.ACPuzzle && window.ACPuzzle.reload(), window.s_s_c_onload && window.s_s_c_onload.reload()
}(jQuery, document, XenForo);
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