XF 1.3 Problem with phrase only appearing in clear text


I have this problem that i cant figure out with phrases.

The problem is almost the same as this one;


I have this invite system that i want to use so admins can invite other people to a beta test we are doing.

Invite addon:


The invite system works fine, but the phrase that contains the response email just appear in clear text, not HTML.

I want to make the response email look good and I have a HTML page/newsletter I want to use but it always appears as just plain text. (Tested and works for email)

Ive seen that most addons/systems like this often have to or more phrases, one for the plain text and one for HTML. (So user-clients can choose) So there must be some sort of trigger or rule that define that it reads as HTML or just text.

Ragtek's only have one phrase for the text and one for title.

With this information on the table I am wondering if there is a way to force the HTML to show by using this phrase? Where is this rule located and is it changeable?
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Anything? Tell me if the information is not good enough or if I need to provide more information. I don't think this problem is related to the addon, that is why i posted it here. Please help!


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It is add-on related -- it's down to how the phrase is used in the add-on. That looks like an email though and plain text and HTML emails have very different code behind them.
Was looking trough the DB when i saw that the phrase I am talking about did not have any data stored in the body_html column in the xf_email_template table.

By enabling debug mode in the main config I got the option to edit this my self in the ACP (HTML body). Now the data stores in the DB and things are going smooth :)