XF 1.4 Problem with moderator permissions

Hi everyone,

lately I am confused about moderator / group permissions and I am running the latest version of XenForo which is 1.4.2. I have added a new user group without any moderator permissions and two of my users are member of this group. Then I added both users as super moderators on the admin panel and gave them the desired moderator permissions. Unfortunately, it's not working for them anywhere at the forums, they have zero moderator privileges. If I add the moderator permissions through their user group, it's working like a charm, but it's completely ignoring the added permissions they were given as super moderators. I also noticed, that I am being restricted, if I am member of multiple user groups. What am I doing wrong?

I'm afraid, I still haven't figured out XenForo's permission system yet. :/

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.