Not a bug  Problem with date


I've translated the forum and using my language on it now, and I noticed that the name of the month looks funny, please see the image below:



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We're going to need more information. Can you explain the steps you have taken to reach that point?
I think it's because I've changed the date format to the following: 2011. January 31

If I try it without a dot or with a coma after the year it's the same


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I think he used the word "January" itself in the date format.
Which would explain why the output is: "Jpm2upmr11".

a => pm
n => 2
y => 11
Ahh.... ok, thanks. Because of the other examples I thought I had to give the other format in numbers and with the name of the month. It's ok now
Maybe a link to the PHP manual would be useful in this section.