Partial fix Problem with custom fields - Radiobuttons an Checkboxen are not importet!


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Good Morning.
I have in version 1.0.1 with import vB4 the problem that custom fields with radio button and checkboxes NOT be imported!
In XF all selection fields are missing and the user profile says: No selection.
It is important information missing in the user profile.

Is this problem fixed in version 1.0.2? There is nothing in the text. Is the error known at all?

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Guten morgen.
Ich habe in der Version 1.0.1 mit Import vB4 das Problem dass Benutzerdefinierte Felder mit Radiobutton und Checkboxen NICHT importiert werden!
In XF fehlen alle Auswahlfelder und im Benutzerprofil steht: Keine Auswahl.
Es sind wichtige Informationen die im Benutzerprofil fehlen.

Ist dieses Problem in Version 1.0.2 behoben? Es steht nichts im Text. Ist der Fehler überhaupt bekannt?

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This is most likely happening if the values contain non ascii characters like umlauts.

The code currently deserializes the vBulletin data, but does not convert the characterset of the values (which in most cases will be Windows-1252) from the deserialized data to UTF-8 before passing into on to XF which does expect UTF-8 data.


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Thanks for the information.
Unfortunately now too late, the move is already complete.
I have deleted many entries and have to create new, which I now of course lack a lot of data. But it could not be otherwise. Maybe it will help the next one. He then has to rename the areas before an import.

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So I have identified a problem with the UTF-8 conversion of this particular data, which may be relevant. On that basis, I'm going to call this a partial fix.

However, it's very possible this issue may be caused by MySQL character set conversions making the data unserializable. This can happen if the MySQL server configuration is different than where the source DB was running (using utf-8 as a default character set) and no "force character set" value is set. If any one runs into this with the version of XFI released after 2.1, please try starting the import with the character set forced to latin1 to see if that resolves the issue. (If it does, then it's likely that other accented characters wouldn't have been imported correctly.)