Problem with ChatUser block in XenPorta


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I have installed XenHabla 1.0.8 and Xenporta 1.5.3b. But when I add ChatUsers block in my portal layout, nothing comes up. I mean even no empty block, as if I didn't install it. I am not sure what I am missing. No problem in using XenHabla chat though. (you can check in, ChatUsers block should be right under online users in my sidebar).

I run php 5.3 right now. Any help will be highly appreciated.


Jake Bunce

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The general process with XenPorta would be to make sure the block is configured:

Admin CP -> Home -> Blocks

And then make sure it's placed in your layout:

Admin CP -> Home -> Layouts


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Oh, sorry Jake, I composed reply of your message but forgot to sent yesterday :oops:

The thing is, I followed that process, added ChatUsers in Layout. There is nothing special in ChatUsers block configuration, so I kept it default.

But, no luck yet.