XF 1.1 Problem replying to a thread


Hi there, me and my staff came across this problem yesterday morning when one of my moderators went to reply to a thread and was unable to, I didn't have the problem myself and neither did another moderator I have and I had checked all the settings and couldn't see why it was preventing them from posting.

I have come online this morning and gone to reply in the same post and I am having the same problem my moderator was yesterday, you can type out your message and then hit post reply but it will just load the page for a second, not submit the post and then give you the option to post reply again.

Me and one other moderator are having this problem and another one isn't that I know of, our only solution around it was to create a new thread with our reply and then merge with the thread we couldn't reply in.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Do you have add-ons installed? I'd recommend disabling all of them and see if you can reproduce the issue then.