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So I ran a gaming site in the past where we ran Tournaments and gave away prizes. Back then it was things like iPods, Xbox Kinects, Wii Systems, and so fourth. Now with my new site coming along, I plan to revisit this theme of eSports and Prizes and was hoping for some ideas.

Here's what I have so far:
Game Time/Cash Cards
Amazon/iTune Gift Cards
Game upgrade serial codes (Such as Collector's Edition Serial IDs)
In-Game high tier crafted items (Armor / Weapon sets)
Game paraphernalia such as game related Soundtracks or T-Shirts

I am hoping to get more public opinions though. If you could control the prize, what would you like to win (within reason)?

Also, does anyone know anything about sponsorship, how to get sponsors, and so on? Information regarding that could be helpful.
We give away mugs, t shirts and car products for competitions which goes down well.

As for getting sponsors, it's a case of rolling up your sleeves and start calling/emailing people. If you don't ask, you don't get; and the worse they can say is no!

It's useful to have a list of what you are prepared to offer them in return - they will probably want some form of publicity from the deal. Have some stats on your site to hand in case they come back with questions.
We give away merch from a particular game series (we're a fansite), as well as the games itself when money permits. We've also done handmade stuff before which I think adds a nice personal touch (though it of course requires you to make things).

We've also given a few users special usertitles with images for winning contests.
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