Private messaging interface questions


Hello, everyone:

I've got some questions about XFs private messaging system. I rather expected an e-mail type interface with the usual options of multiple recipients, CC, forward and BCC. But what I see here is just one option, and that's the ability to add a recipient to the conversation. Unless I am missing something, there's no option to remove that user, once added. Suppose you add someone in error to a sensitive conversation? I also don't see ways to forward a conversation. In addition, sometimes I might need to BCC a moderator with a disciplinary-type message to a user and see no way to do that conveniently.

Please forgive me if it's right in front of me and I am being a doofus, can someone help me to understand better? What's the logic behind the design? And if these features are indeed missing, is there some path forward to make them available?


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Participants can't be removed by another member, they can only choose to leave the conversation.

There is no also no BCC or forwarding functionality - they aren't intended to be a replacement for email.


Wow, that was fast! Thank you.

It just seems to me that the originator/adder ought to have the power to remove someone they have added. And I'm not suggesting the PM system as an alternative to email, its just that there are many things one does in PMs that don't seem to have a functional equivalent in Xenforo that I can find. Again, one example is I send a "don't do that" message to a user and a BCC to the appropriate moderator. It appears to me that I would have to initiate two conversations if I wanted to do something like this, and cut/paste to the second recipient.

In a migration from vB to XF, I think this might be something that will upset users and was hoping there was some sort of work-around.
The PM system in XenForo more like chat systems like you do in skype, messenger etc. They're not meant to be like emails.

And PM system the vB got looks like emails which sucks. Like you send a pm and when the other person replied, he had to quote your first pm, and this goes like that.

And you want this such old-school thing in XenForo?
That's not practical and usefull tho. I mean, wouldn't you prefer chatting with someone through skype or something rather than emailing with him? Isn't it easier to chat through skype than email? If so, the PM system which XenForo got is just like skype or any other instant messaging system which we prefer rather than emailing. Right?


Not practical? Sometimes, one needs a written record of what was said. Your argument is sort of like asking why one would want a kitchen when a restaurant is just down the street. In our case, a lot of users will expect a private messing system that works like they expect.

Some folks do not like or want instant messaging. I'm one of them.