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XF 1.4 private forum


I've created the new forum and make it private. It's all good.
I have created a new group permission and set to allow view to member who entitle to get in to private forum.
This private forum however is invisible to the members who are not assigned to view in the group permission.

What I'd like to do is to enable all members to see that private forum listed with other forum but it will show some information as 'Private' and when they click that private forum it will not allow them to get in as they need to ask the moderator or admin to get them access to that private forum.

How can I implement this? any pointer on how to do this?

thanks for any help...


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Revoke these permissions
View threads by others
View thread content

That will allow them to see the node, but not the content.
Hi Brogan
thanks for your help.

So what I did is go to that private node and then in that Registered user group I revoke
View threads by others
View thread content

Next is, where shoud I set particular users so that they can see the content?
I have tried to assign a user to give a secondary user groups, but still can't see the content.

did I do something wrong?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Don't set the node as private.

Revoke the node permissions for the Registered user group.
Allow the node permissions for the secondary user group.

The explicit Allow will override the Revoke.
Hi brogan...
Ok I got it, I need to setup that secondary group to allow for View threads by others & View thread content
now it's all good.
Ooo ok i got it, so I do not need to set that node to private, just using that revoke will do the job ya.thanks.
so, by doing the Revoke View threads by others & View thread content it is showing as private on the forum list is that correct?
Hi Brogan, One more thing... I have set that Revoke and with a test account, I try to click the forum...
It lets me to get in but inside the forum is empty - it said "There are no threads to display." which is correct as there are 2 threads I created inside that forum.

However, is it possible instead of letting member in and show "There are no threads to display.", perhaps it can show something like "you do not have permission or privilege to see the forum" or something like that...

I believe, It shows some warning or message in your site http://support.cliptheapex.com/ when I first tried to get in to the thread a while back ago and you need to give permission to read the thread
Ooo ok I see..
Perhaps I remember wrongly...

Or Is there a way to get that specific message as I mentioned above? or should ther be another way other than private forum?