XF 1.2 Private forum remove ability to search profiles


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When i make several different private nodes it is still possible for others to search through profiles of other nodes. How can i fix this?
I want that nobody can search through profiles, eventually just the people of the private node itself.
Thanks in advance.


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I'm not quite sure what you mean as you mention nodes and profiles.

The search function respects permissions.
Anyone who doesn't have access to a forum (node) won't be able to search for content in it.

Tracy Perry

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It is possible to search through profiles from other private node members. I dont want people to see other profiles.

You could go to the ACP User Registration and make it default to either None or Followed User (this would only apply to new users) and leave a notice to all users that do not wish others to view their profile to select either Followed Users or None in their privacy settings.