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Allan submitted a new resource:

Prime by - With shadow effect and deep!

Prime by

This is the second style created by
Work with XFRM & WFMG

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Feature list:
  • Sticky navigation
  • Side by side nodes
  • Fully responsive
  • Header custom messages
  • Google font integration
  • Font awesome integration
  • Custom footer
  • Social Media icons
  • Collapsible Sidebar (right & left)
  • Fixe Sidebar (right & left)
  • More ......

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How about nice blue color variation ? :)
Like Flexile Dark :)
Thank you :)

I started a new style, but yes, I thought of making variants of color indeed.

I promise anything, but I would try to make a very pretty blue Version.


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How much is copyright removal?

Also what does this mean...
"Feature list:

Does that mean it comes with xencore framework?


Is it possible to change the red colours? The reds used on this theme seem to have pinkish hue on my screen... Or i have broken eyes.


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So do u offer a bundle price if i buy both red and blue? Also, yes i would like a lil darker red version myself.


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Ohh cool so if i buy the red i get the Blue one as well? And i saw where you said you could change the red color a lil bit for a customer if they bought it?


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Ok great man. I won't need it right off the bat but i just wanted to clarify. Also i will be buying through your website and not this one.