Primary vs Secondary user group

I understand the permissions in xenForo but I am a bit confused about the distinction between a primary and secondary user groups. In I read "There is no distinction between primary and secondary user groups" but when you create users, you can specify "User group" (that would be the primary) and various "Secondary user groups". Also, in user group promotions you promote to secondary user groups (no problems with that however).

So, there IS an actual distinction and the primary user group seems to be an important issue.

I just wonder what this might be?

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All registered members are added to the Registered user group by default upon registration and validation.

That user group should have the base permissions which all members should have.

Additional permissions are granted by adding members to other (secondary) user groups.


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Primary gains no importance in XenForo. It mainly has use for imports where the users tend to have different primary groups.